Prince Of Persia Warrior Within Pc Game Highly Compressed Download

Prince Of Persia Warrior Within  Pc Game Highly Compressed Download

Prince Of Persia Warrior Within  Pc Game Highly Compressed Download

            Prince Of Persia Warrior Within is Action-Adventure Game. It is one of the Prince Of Persia Series Games , all the series are produced and published by the Ubisoft company.Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time is first edition of this game. In which Prince uses sands to reverse the time.After the six years of this game , Prince meets with old wise man who tells him that " Every one who uses the sands or escapes the time , must die." ( it is not exact words ). The Old Man also tells him to go the Island of time to stop the Beast Named
"Dhaka". Dhaka is beast who kills the man that uses Sands of times.Prince escapes many times from this beast as shown in the little video story of the Prince Of Persia Warrior Within Starting .

                  At last Prince succeeds to reach the Island but near the island , they are attacked by mysterious woman named "Shadee", Shahdee attacks him too powerful that Prince was unconscious and drowned into sea but reaches near the shore means the Island Of Times. The Prince then saves the life of Kaleena and kill the Shadee. He does not that it is the empress of this Island.Kaleena tells that there two gates which necessary to unlock . The name of the gates are Garden Tower and Mechanical Tower . She also tells him about weakness of Dhaka that He can not pass through the Water and there it is easy for him to escape him.Soon , Prince knew that Kaleena is the Empress of this Island .He kills the Kaleena and go to Present.

                     But the attack of Dhaka realizes him that sands remain under him yet , so . he goes into the glimmer hope but he finds the artifact named Mask of Wraith. After putting on his face , he goes into the past means at beginning of the game.Now he saw the truth of everything.He saw himself many times ,  Prince in the form of Sand Wraith knows that only one Prince is living alone so the present was caught by the prince this act looses his mask to remove him , then she fights with Kaleena in Throne Room.

System Requirements For Prince Of Persia The Warrior Within Are Below

Windows 98SE/2000/XP , 7 And Vista

Pentium III 1 GHz

256 MB RAM

DirectX 9.0c (included on disc)

2 GB hard drive space

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