Return to Castle Wolfenstein (highly compressed pc game)

Return to Castle Wolfenstein (highly compressed pc game)

Good single player and superb multiplayer welcome us back to the castle that started it all.
Wolfenstein is well worth it for the multiplayer game alone, so the fact that you get a solid single-player game in the box can only be considered a bonus.

RTCWs plot is a mishmash of cheesy cut-scenes and half-baked mission objectives involving the Nazis? attempts to create zombie supersoldiers during World War II. Because of the weak story and the fairly predictable enemy A.I., the game doesn?t forge the enthralling feel of games like Halo or Half-Life.
The exciting gameplay mixes gonzo combat with occasional stealthy moments and lots of ?unlock the door? puzzles. On a typical mission, you?ll start out chasing some whup-the-Nazis objective like trashing V2 rockets, and along the way, you?ll gradually encounter spooky occult weirdness. A big part of RTCW?s allure is the creepy, gothic atmosphere?the presentation of the zombies and other creatures is well executed and can be genuinely unnerving at times.

On the multiplayer front, RTCW delivers a deep, intriguing twist on the wildly popular Counter-Strike. The action here is more cerebral, emphasizing teamwork and accomplishing specific objectives over twitchy combat?it?s great fun. The effective controls will feel standard to any
remotely experienced gamer

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